Hip Hop

– The newest styles and trends from locking, popping, breaking, tutting, voguing,and all the other moves from the latest MTV videos. Over ten classes to choose from.


– Royal Academy of Dance Ballet offered; classical ballet training with the options of exams or take some classes in ballet as a recreational hobby. Students will start on a soft shoe and the progress to point when their technique has developed.


– A form dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe. Create rhythm and music with your feet!!!


– High jumps, kicks and technical moves make jazz a fun, physical form of dance that can be taken at any age or level.


– Strong fundamentals of dance training are brought together to portray a feeling or mood created by the choreographer.


– A mixture of Ballet and Jazz and now even Modern as dancers take the lyrics of the song and tell a story through their dance.


– Cirque de Soleil have made Acro a new and upcoming fun dance form. From handstands to back flips acro is a combination of dance and acrobatics from contortion to tumbling .

Musical Theatre

– Glee inspired classes in which dance styles of all types are mixed in to perform a dance routine from a hit broadway musical. No singing required.



Private classes

Please call the office for times available and costs of any private classes.